4 Websites To Get Your Creative Design Juices Flowing

1. The Adobe online colour wheel: Whether you need a set of complimentary colours or the best contrasting hue for your design, this online colour wheel is super easy to use!

2. Behance: If you want to view some amazing illustration and browse top designers portfolios then this is the ideal spot.

3.Tumblr: If you’re lacking in the creativity department but deadlines are knocking at your door, then head over to Tumblr to view any type of artwork or design concepts imaginable. Inspiration is sure to ensue after viewing the endless amounts of images available.

4. Pinterest: Like Tumblr, Pinterest is easy to navigate in finding specific images. However, Pinterest can allow you to create boards. As a designer, mood boards are wonderfully creative starting pieces. Try it!


They Say Print Is Dead

Print is being squashed under the user-accessible and easily attained world of the web. However, for those of you who still enjoy print, here are some beautifully designed books that tell us print isn’t going down without a fight!


Graphic Design and Fashion Design

When you think of fashion you think Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Versace, Valentino and many more names that scream unaffordable and high end. Although they are tailored to the fashion elite and wealthy clientele, average Joe’s still follow these big named brands even though the high price items would never make their way to our closets. Fashion designers change with the seasons and keep things interesting. Their marketing techniques are “on point”, as you’d say. However, help from an information designer or graphic designer can be credited to brand name success.